DC Cabling – Ready for 1,500VDC

Higher operation revenue meets lower installation costs

With its partners, Jurchen Technology is developing new, intelligent ways for more efficient BoS – in cabling and in mechanical construction. The new 1,500VDC technology is one of these important PV evolution steps which strongly reduce the levelized costs of electricity (LCOE).

Benefits for established 1,500VDC architecture

  • Wiring harness solutions ArCon and SK-IV reduce the use of DC combiner boxes
  • Saves up to 50% solar cable than typical single array solutions
  • High quality connections, 1,500VDC and less plug connections reduce DC power loss
  • Rock solid quality ensures decades long operation independent to climatic conditions
  • Easy to integrate, modular system with extensive accessories (in-line fuses, diodes)
  • Wide product range of full-compatible substructure solutions and module clips for 1,500VDC PV panels

State-of-art DC cabling technology

  • TÜV and cTUVus verification applied, 1,500VDC certification under testing 
  • Assembly according to customer requirements
  • Fast on-site service and support
  • Cable lengths, quantity and spacing can be produced on short notice

DC cables are the „life veins“ of every PV system. They have to defy wind and weather conditions for many years and reliably safeguard the electricity yields. 

Compared to other components, the DC cabling only accounts for 1% of the investment costs of a PV power plant (right chart) - although it is one of the most important links of the electricity generation chain. Another point to embark on Jurchen Technology’s latest DC cabling systems.