Twin-Base Substructure for ground based power plants

Jurchen Technology will provide you with a suitable frame system for your solar power plant, appropriate for the type of terrain. Regardless of whether it be the single-support Uni-Base, the double-support Twin-Base or a completely adapted system – Jurchen Technology has a product for every application.

Twin-Base Advantages

Despite some land requirements our solar power plants „consume“ no land. Due to the special pillars of our mounting system an area of just one square meter is effectively sealed for a 1000 kWp solar power plant. The largest part of the area remains available for nature and can continue to convert CO2 into nutrients and oxygen without interference. In addition, the floor area under the solar panel is only partially shaded.

This means that sunlight and rainfall also continue to reach to the ground, so that the local flora and fauna are not affected. Especially in hot climates, the environmental conditions below the module rows are even slightly more moderate than in open terrain.

The laser-precise linear alignment of the substructure has made it possible f or e ach photovoltaic module to receive the same exposure to light. Standardized components manufactured from high-quality raw materials in heavy industrial-grade and series production. The installation is high-precision and machine-assisted.

The substructure is always optimized to the local environmental conditions and static load requirements.

  • Inclination: Standard 25°, individual design upon inquiry
  • Universal application for all frameless and framed modules
  • System designed for a wind speed of 150 km/h
  • Small amount of components which allow for a faster installation
  • Scalable use at customer’s request

Twin-Base System versions


Flexible twin stud system

Technical data Twin-Base
Stud distance Depends on the module
Width/Module table Depends on the module
Height approx. 3,20 m
Inclination of the modules 25°, or other
Height above groudn approx. 0,7 m (bottom edge of the module table)
Applied modules Universal fittable
Material Steel (S 235, hot-dip galvanized)
Aluminum (EN AW 6060)

Twin-Base EW

Non-stop solar radiation due to east-west alignment

Technical data Twin-Base EW
Stud distance Depends on the module
Width/Module table Depends on the module
Height not known yet
Inclination of the modules not known yet
Height above ground not known yet
Applied modules Universel fittable
Material Steel (S 235, hot-dip galvanized)
Aluminum (EN AW 6060)

Information & Sales

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Twin-Base Projects

Project data Twin-Base – Üttingen (Germany)
Nominal power 6400 kWp
Module type Yingli
CO2 reduction 4400 t/p.a.
Area (approx.) 20,3 ha
Constructed 2012