The fastest flat roof mounting system in the world

PlanTec VARIOTWIN 4.1 is the first flat-roof mounting system with integrated PV module clips. The mounting system reduces set-up time and thus set-up costs significantly. It contains all the components you need and cuts out all unnecessary materials.

Clip it, mount it, weight it – done.

The integrated module clips of the PlanTec VARIOTWIN 4.1 guarantee a fast and safe installation of the glass-glass solar PV panels, in particular First Solar PV panels. It takes less than 10 minutes to install 1kWp. No additional working components or tools are needed

  • Easy and cost-efficient planning, transport and installation 
  • Ultra-lightweight components due to HDPE
  • Aerodynamic proofed system design 
  • Can be set up alone or in a combined PV array system 
  • Durable and UV resistant HDPE material 
  • One system design applicable for south and east-west roof elevation Compatible with thin-film PV modules up to 1,500VDC

PlanTec VARIOTWIN 4.1 Technical data

PlanTec VARIOTWIN 4.1 Technical data
Length 1572 mm
Height 247 mm
Width 310 mm
Weight 1.6 kg
Angle 7° (other angles on request)
Material HDPE, UV resistant
Color Black

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