System solution PlanTec for flat roofs

The PlanTec system provides the long expected solution for low ballast installation of solar modules on large flat and industrial roofs. The PlanTec system allows a space-saving and output optimized area utilization.

PlanTec Features

  • Increased plant yields: Through the use of thin film modules as well as optimized surface utilization of up to 90% of the total roof area.
  • Optimized module mounting: The mounting system is endlessly combinable. Modular construction enables easy work-around of obstructing objects like light domes and roof openings.
  • Advanced wiring: Neatly arranged string planning and cable routing are already preset.
  • No structural changes: No penetration of the roof takes place. Roof inspection possible after module mounting.
  • Completely reversible: The plant can be dismounted anytime without damaging the roof.
  • Wind and suction tight system: Flexible erection in the module system, closed system of forces, easy statical calculation - wind channel tests have been implemented successfully by the institute for aerodynamic.

Information & Sales

Do you need any other information or do you have questions regarding a concrete project? We will be pleased to help.

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PlanTec video - Assembly PlanTec TS

PlanTec Projects

PlanTec South – Dortmund (Germany)

Project data
Nominal power 960 kWp
Module type REC
Quantity 3840
CO2 reduction 656 t/p.a.
Constructed 2013

PlanTec EW FS – Helmstadt (Germany)

Project data
Nominal power 100 kWp
Module type First Solar
Quantity 1250
CO2- reduction 69 t/p.a.
Constructed 2011

PlanTec TS RP – Allschwil (Switzerland)

Project data
Nominal power 160 kWp
Module type Solar Frontier
Quantity 1000
CO2 reduction 1097 t/p.a.
Constructed 2012