Perfect Cabling solution for First Solar PV modules


DC cables are the „life veins“ of your First Solar modules. They have to defy wind and weather conditions for many years and reliably safeguard the electricity yields. 

Compared to other components, the DC cabling only accounts for 1% of the investment costs of a PV power plant - although it is one of the most important links of the electricity generation chain. Another point to embark on Jurchen Technology’s latest DC cabling systems.

Jurchen Technology recommends the wiring system Sykonec ArCon for the wiring of First Solar modules. 

   ArCon Advantages

  • Minimum assembling of connectors at site
  • Prevent system weak spots
  • Proven resistance to weathering
  • Extensive quality testing
  • Life expectancy 25 years
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Increased feed in
  • Less junctions
  • Fewer string-cable
  • Simple and reliable system

PDF-Download. First Solar PV Modules Series 4 and Series 6:
Examples of wiring harness by Jurchen Technology

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