Rail systems for pv roof systems

You construct with a cross connection? You need a profile rail, whether for roofs or for power plant systems?

You have high span lengths or snow loads? A complete rail system is too elaborate and you’re looking for a more flexible solution?
We offer you the suitable subconstruction! 

  • Robust subconstruction and fast assembly
  • Complete component parts for rail systems
  • Available in different length
  • Load bearing capacity proven
  • For normal and bigger spans

Mounting rails

Roof profile rail 47x30 mm

Technical data
Height of rail 30 mm
Bearing width 47 mm
Width of rail 47 mm
Length of rail 5100 mm / 3850 mm / 6200 mm / 6050 mm
Slot width 10,5 mm
Slot depth 10 mm
Material Aluminum

Roof profile rail 100x60 mm

Technical data
Height of rail 100 mm
Bearing width 60 mm
Width of rail 60 mm
Length of rail 6300 mm
Slot width 10,5 mm
Slot depth 12 mm

Alpine module rail

Technical data
Height of rail 60 mm
Bearing width 70 mm
Width of rail 30 mm
Length of rail 6350 mm + 7650 mm
Slot width 11 mm
Slot depth 13 mm
Material Aluminum

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