Roof fastener for pv systems

Trapeze? Bricks? Pent roof? Hip roof? Saddle roof? We offer you a flexible and cost-effective fastener solution for every kind of roof.

Roof fastener Versions

Rail adapter for profiled sheeting (SAT I)

Rail adapter for profiled sheeting (SAT I)
Usable for the following rails Roof rail 47x30 mm
Base material Aluminum, weather-resistant
Form-fit connection Yes
Force-fit connection Yes
Foam pad coating stremgth 3 mm, UV-resistant

Seam clamp (RFK)

Seam clamp
Available widths 40 x 55 mm
Material Aluminum
Slot width 11 mm

Solar fastener

With the JT Solar fastener you have the possibility to mount your new solar and photovoltaik system securely and easily to the roof. They are the optimal solution for installation of elevated and roof parallel systems with either wooden or steel constructions.

These systems assure impermeability and a high load capacity with an easy installation. In addition it allows an exact height adjustment of the subconstruction.



Roof hooks

Roof hooks
Battens 30 mm / 24 mm
Usable for All current day and concrete roof tiles
Material Stainless steel acc. to EN 10088, material number 1.4301

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