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Hello Yannik, how long have you been working for Jurchen?

Since February this year. So I'm still quite new.


What training route and professional path did you pass before you came to Jurchen?

I am a trained indutr-y mechanic. After I finished my training I continued to get a masters craftsman’s diploma in the same sector. My interest was to work abroad and Jurchen Technology offered this opportunity to me, so I took it and moved.


In which department do you work, how many colleagues are in your team?

I am still mainly active in cable production. But soon I'll probably be going to India for a year. About 30 colleagues work at the Jurchen Technology.


What is particularly important in your working area?

You have to be flexible and able to get involved in a wide range of tasks. You should stay calm when things get a little more hectic.


What do you need for your job and what personal skills are important for your position?

Endurance and flexibility,and you should also be well organized and keep a clear head.


How do you start in the morning?

From Mainbernheim I am here quickly. Then I usually do a follow-up with my colleagues at our Indian location. There is a three-and-a-half-hour time difference. Since things usually start a little later in India than here, our small conference fits in quite well.


How do you spend your lunch break, are there special rituals?

I always have a snack with me, afterwards I usually take a nap.. That gives me strength for the rest of the day. Alternativ: This keeps me energized for the rest of the day.


What is the cooperation like in your department?

I was very well received in the cable production. Everyone has an open ear here - and it's a very informal atmosphere. I hope that this will be similar in India, even if there is, of course, a completely different culture there. I've been to our location near Mumbai a few times, so I could get a taste of it.


What is particularly important to you in your work?

That it is not monotonous, that you get along with your colleagues and that disagreement that arise are solved professionally and quickly.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

The international aspect of Jurchen, which now also enables me to get to know India, another country with a completely different culture. It's also nice when we, as a team, reach our goals and milestones together.


What is your hallmark at Jurchen?

I am the employee for India.


Which three qualities would describe you best?

I would describe myself as open, flexible and very eager to learn.


What is your vision for the future at Jurchen?

Together with my Indian colleagues, I would like to contribute to advancing the location there.


What has been your best experience at Jurchen so far?

The first business trip to India. Although there wasn't much free time because of the amount of meetings, I was still able to get to know the country and the people at a deeper level.

How would you describe Jurchen as an employer to your friends?

We are like a small family with nice colleagues and a cool cooperation.


What advice do you have for new colleagues and trainees?

Be open, approach people and get to work.


Yannik, thank you very much for the interview!

Yannik Bergner

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