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InterSolar trade fair - A perfect fit: Jurchen Technology PEG substructure with First Solar Series 6 module to lower costs, building time

Munich (Germany) – Jurchen Technology, BELECTRIC’s daughter company, will present a new package at this year’s InterSolar trade fair in Munich, which combines its innovative PEG substructure and DC cabling systems with the First Solar Series 6 module. The combination of these components help to reduce cost and installation time of solar power plants significantly.



“At First Solar, we’re focused on working with our partners to go beyond mere compatibility between their racking structures and our Series 6 module,” said Scott Dailey, Leader – Ecosystem, First Solar. “The goal is to combine our modules with structures that are optimized for our technology and deliver maximum value to the asset owner. We are excited about the Jurchen Technology package and Series 6’ potential to minimize system costs and maximize construction velocity.”


“Under the name PEG we offer an extremely light substructure that has been reduced to the minimum. Due to the lightweight construction no heavy machines are required. That lowers costs and speeds up the construction phase”, adds Michael Jurchen, CEO of Jurchen Technology GmbH. “With the PEG substructure we are able to significantly reduce CAPEX over 40% and OPEX over 20%. Combined with the effective modules of First Solar we raise additional cost reduction potential.”


PEG substructure design offers lowest electricity generation costs and high space utilisation

The PEG system has been reduced to the minimum and delivers low electricity generation costs and high space utilisation. The entire system stands on spikes that are driven roughly 80 centimetres into the ground. They only project far enough out of the ground to create a module elevation with an inclination angle of eight degrees in an east-west orientation. This substantially reduces not only the amount of material used in the substructure, but also the costs of logistics and installation. The east-west orientation of the PV area produces an energy yield that is ideally distributed over the day with reduced peak output around noon and optimised electricity generation in the early morning and late afternoon. Thanks to its special design, the PEG system is adaptable to individual customer requirements. With the exception of the ground spikes, the whole system including DC cabling is executed above ground, which means it can be deployed on many different kinds of landscapes. For example, the system is suitable for electricity generation in remote areas with poor accessibility and on areas with limited dimensions or on narrow pieces of land. Plant size is also easily scalable. The system can be used to realise large-scale PV facilities with a multiple megawatt output or small to medium-sized solar power plants from 10 kWp upwards for trade and industry. The PEG system has already been installed at various locations in Germany, but also in Israel, Africa, America and Australia.

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