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    What our customers says about PEG

    The simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the PEG system, the EPC experience of Meralli Projects and the close support of the Jurchen Technology team were all important contributors to the selection of the PEG system for this project.
    Jeff Packer, Executive Director, Flagstaff Enterprises Pty Ltd
    The selection of the PEG system was relatively straightforward decision given the previous success with PEG at Chillamurra. Thanks to the significant CAPEX saving offered by the PEG vs other systems we were able to reach the required financial outcome.
    Robert Mailler, Director, Dunblane Solar Pty Ltd.
    Following the first experience we’ve had with the PEG system in Australia we were able to significantly improve our design, procurement, delivery and installations services and offer an attractive EPC service to our customer. Our customer was able to reach financial closure without seeking any government funding and thanks to the PEG system and our EPC knowledge and experience. The remarkable project success was clearly evident when we compared the construction and cost metrics with other heavily subsidized project being built at the same time. It was particularly satisfying to see the project commissioned long before government funded projects managed by leading foreign EPC firms.
    Methuen Morgan, Director, Meralli Projects Ltd.