Approved Modules for PEG

ManufacturerTypeRating [W]OrientationStandard Load [Pa](1)High Load [Pa](2)UL Approval
Amerisolar(3)AS-6M Mono340-385Landscape+5400 -3600о
Astronergy(3)CHSM72M-HC535-550Landscape+230Pa -840Paо
BYDP6C-30, P6D-36Landscape±2400
Canadian SolarCS3K-P/MS, CS6K-P/M/MS275-305Landscape±2000
Canadian SolarCS6A-P/M/MS, CS6VL-MSLandscape±2400
Canadian SolarCS6V-P/M/MS, CS1V-MSLandscape±2000о
Canadian SolarCS1VL-MS, CS1A-MS, CS1HA-MSLandscape±2400о
EgingAll modules, 60 and 72 cells320-385Landscape+5400 -2400о
HanwhaQ.PEAK DUO L-G6/7/8.x series385-430Landscape+1200 -1067о
HanwhaQ.PEAK DUO L-G5.x series380-400Landscape±1067
HanwhaQ.Plus/Peak-G4/5.X, Q.Plus/Peak BLK/BFR-G4.XLandscape±1600
JA SolarJAM72S30/MR (Deep Blue 3.0)525-550Landscape &
+1400 -800 &
+1600 -1000
+2400 -1000
JA SolarJAM72S20/MR445-470Landscape &
±1600 &
JA SolarJAM78S10/MR435-455Landscape±1800
JA Solar(3)JAM72D10405-425Landscape±1600о
JA SolarAll standard and PR 72 cells: JAM72Sxx-xxx/PR, JAP72Sxx-xxx/SC, only for S1/2/3345-390Landscape±1800
JA SolarAll standard and PR 72 cells: JAM72Sxx-xxx/PR, JAP72Sxx-xxx/SC, for S4-10370-395Landscape±1800о
JA SolarAll standard frame 60 cells: JAM60Sxx-xxx/PR and JAP60Sxx-xxx/SC275-340Landscape±2000
Jetion SolarJT SGh-mono385-305Landscape±1000о
Jinko SolarJKMxxxM-72HL4-V/TV/BDVP (Tiger Pro)515-550Landscape &
Jinko SolarJKMxxxM 7RL3-V
Eagle 78TR G4 (US brand)
Jinko SolarJKMxxxM-72HL4-V
Eagle 72HM G5 (US brand)
Jinko SolarJKMxxxP/PP/M-60, JKMxxxPP/M-72/72B/72L/72HL-V300-410Landscape±1600
Jinko Solar(3)JKMxxxM-6/7RL3/4-V (Tiger), JKMxxxM-7TL4-V (Tiger Pro)450-470, 510-530Landscape±1600о
LongiLR4-72HPH-xxxM420-455Landscape &
+800 -800 &
+1200 -1200
+2400 -2400
LongiLR4-72HPB/HIH/HIB-xxxM420-440Landscape &
+800 -800 &
+1200 -1200
+2400 -2400о
LongiLR6-72HPH-xxxM, LR6-72HPH-xxxMC, LR6-72OPH-xxx360-385Landscape+1600 -1200
LongiLR4-60HPH/HPB/HIH/HIB350-380Landscape &
+2400 -1800 &
+2400 -2400
+2400 -2400о
RECPEAK Energy series, 60 cells modulesLandscape±1600
RECTwinPeak 2/3 Mono & Mono Black
N-Peak / Black
TwinPeak 25/35 Mono 72
305-340, 430-450Landscape & Portrait±1400о
SeraphimSRP-xxx-6PA/6PB/6MA/6MB-xx, SRP-xxx-BPA/BPB/BMA/BMB-xx, SRP-xxx-E01A/E01B/E11A/E11B-xx305-345Landscape±2700±2700
Solar FrontierSFxx-EX-B MP2, SFxxx-L and SFxxx-S MP3Landscape+1800 -2000о
Sonnenstrom FabrikLandscapeо
Suntech16/T and 20/W seriesLandscape±1600
TalesunTP672M, TP6H72M, TP678M, TP6F72M390-415Landscape±1600о
UKSOLUKS-6M30 Mono PERC350-375Landscapeо
URECOFAKxxxE8G(4), FAKxxxC8G, FALxxxA8G435-450Landscape +2000 -2138
URECOF2KxxxC8G, F2LxxxO8G390-410Landscape +2000 -2138о
YingliYLxxx P-29b (YGE 60 cells), YLxxx C-30b (Panda 60 cells)Landscape±1500
ZnShineZXM7-SH144520-540Landscape & Portrait+1200 -800о
(1): The maximum loads on the Standard PEG design allowed by the module manufacturer.
(2): The maximum loads on the High Load (HL) PEG design allowed by the module manufacturer.

At both load columns the + sign represents the downward (pressure) load and the – signs represents the upward (suction) load.

(3): This module is approved per project. To be confirmed through the module manufacturer and Jurchen Technology.
(4): URECO FAKxxxE8G module is approved only with symmetric frame profiles, 35mm wide along its short and long edges.
The customer must inform Jurchen Technology regarding the selected modules in order to supply the suitable top plates and corner bracing for the selected modules.