PEG Substructure for Photovoltaik Power Plants

The most efficient and innovative PV substructure on the market sets standards in terms of material consumption, time savings and reduced need for heavy machinery. The PEG system is amazingly simple and keeps construction costs low.

What are the crucial costs increasing your construction budget for a photovoltaic power plant? In short, it's the construction time, the material costs and the required machinery. In developing the PEG substructure, we have optimized exactly these three factors. The result is a simple and unique solution. The PEG substructure has a low overall height and rests on slim steel rods, instead of on high and solid ramming posts. Due to the lightweight construction no foundation is needed. As a consequence, the needed material is reduced to less than 50 percent compared to conventional solutions. Less material and a simple design lead to reduced labor costs and the phase between planning and commissioning is reduced significantly.

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Efficiency improvement

Cost reduction

Consistent energy generation

PEG Advantages at a glance

  • Lightweight design saves up to 65% on material and logistics costs (less containers to be shipped)
  • simple and fast installation reduces labor and machinery costs by more than 50%
  • Highly efficient area utilization of 1.4 MWp per hectare due to patented ground-guided power plant system 
  • Flat module angles avoid shading effects and allow maximum space efficiency
  • Comparatively constant energy production throughout the day due to flat 8° east-west orientation
  • Preserving resources: up to 50% lower raw material usage (steel, power cables), resulting in a better CO2 balance
  • Higher installation safety through much simpler assembly, e.g. no working-on-heights; ergonomic working mostly in the range of 0.8 m 
  • Adaptable to limited site dimensions, insufficient space and narrow available land or extremely poor accessibility
  • No foundations required for PEG construction itself 
  • No heavy machines required 
  • Line-by-line installation with PEG installation system reaches a record-breaking installation time of less than 1000 man-hours per MWp
  • Aerodynamic proofed design
  • Residue-free dismantling after project life

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