News from Oct 22, 2020

12MWp PEG solar power plant on former landfill site Belvédère commissioned

On 7 October 2020, the PEG solar power plant Belvédère was officially commissioned. The plant is located on the former Belvédère landfill in Maastricht, Netherlands and has a flat plateau of approximately 10 hectares, which is suitable for the installation of a solar farm under strict conditions.

Belvedere former landfill site

The PEG substructure in combination with anchor rods penetrates only 45 to 50 cm into the ground, which was shallower than the permitted pile driving depth required by local authorities. The combination of high density (1.6 MWp/hectare; 0.65 MWp/acre) and shallow foundations made the PEG a highly competitive solution for the landfill. The site has a capacity of almost 12 MWp and will generate more than 10 million kWh of sustainable solar energy per year, which corresponds to the consumption of 3,500 households. The University of Maastricht will purchase 50% of the electricity generated in the form of guarantees of origin (GOs).

Picture: Volta Solar