1) Websites


Meralli Projects website – The website of Meralli Projects, the first PEG international customer, providing EPC services in Australia only for the PEG since 2016.


Meralli Australia YouTube channel – YouTube channel with videos published by Meralli Projects, mentioning project development, community involvement, installations and O&M.


aton projects website – Few PEG projects mentioned in the projects list in the website of Volta Solar, EPC service provider and one of the largest PEG customers in the Netherlands.

2) Investment and Finance


PEG Project Finance in NL – Jurchen Technology post about PEG projects in the Netherlands financed by 3 of the large banks in the Netherlands: Rabobank, ING and ASR. 23-February-2022


Sunrock solar project in Zwolle, the Netherlands – A video generated by Sunrock, a larger European investor, developer and owner of PV solar systems, showing the PEG as part of their project development work with municipalities and property owners. Q1 2022


ICG investment in PEG in Australia – A Post about Infrastructure Capital Group (ICG) acquiring a majority interest a solar and storage portfolio from Providence Asset Group (PAG), mentioning few of PEG projects which are mentioned in other publications listed in this document.


CBA bank funding PEG solar projects – A publication about CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia), one of Australia’s largest banks, funding 10 community PEG solar projects in Australia, including two photos of those projects. 21 October 2021


Victoria Government about 5 PEG projects in Victoria – Victoria Government publication about the investment of Providence Asset Group in PEG projects in Victoria Australia: Katamatite, Numurkah, Echuca West, Echuca and Stanhope, including a photo of one of those projects. 13-October-2020

3) Projects

3.1) Australia


PEG for energy-intensive, facility in Whyalla, Australia – An article about the 5MW solar project for an energy-intensive, cryptocurrency-mining facility in Whyalla Australia, including a photo of the PEG system. 6-October-2022


PEG in Kalumburu, West Australia – 700kWac PEG solar + storage project in one of Australia’s most remote settlements, replacing daytime diesel generator use with renewables.  28-October-2021


~2.2MWp PEG in South Australia – A video showing the ~2.2MWp Tregalana Stage 1 project in Whyalla South Australia, published by the EPC, Meralli Projects. 14-September-2021


2.9MWp PEG in remote Australia – A publication in the NG Electrical website of the 2.9MWp PEG project in a very remote site owned by South Australia Government.


8.2MWp PEG in Stanhope Victoria Australia – A publication in the ACEnergy website of the PEG project in Stanhope Victoria Australia. December 2020


8.3MWp PEG in Echuca Victoria Australia – A publication in the ACEnergy website of the PEG project in Echuca Victoria Australia. December 2020


~9MWp Kanowna PEG project – A video showing the ~9MWp project in Bullarah NSW Australia, published by Meralli Projects which provided the EPC services for this project. 5-February-2020


1MWp PEG in Kyneton Victoria Australia – A publication in the NG Electrical website about the C&I project for Hardwicks Meat Works in Kyneton Victoria Australia. 1MWp PEG added to an existing FT system. Q4 2019


PEG installations in Dareton Australia – Video showing the installations of the 2.5MWac PEG project in Dareton, NSW, Australia. Published by the EPC, Meralli Projects. 23-October-2019


Dunblane project, Queensland, Australia – An article about the ~11MWp PEG Dunblane project in Barcaldine, Queensland, Australia. Renew Economy, 30-April-2018


Chillamurra project, Queensland, Australia – An article about the 4.8MWp PEG Chillamurra project in Chillamurra, Queensland, Australia. Renew Economy, 20-June-2017

3.2) Europe


31.3MWp PEG in NL – Solar park on the site of the former FlevoNice ice rink in Biddinghuizen, Netherlands June-2023


~5.9MWp PEG on a landfill site in NL – A video posted in LinkedIn showing the 5.9MWp Waalwijk project on a landfill site in Netherlands. 22-February-2022


LinkedIn publication in Dutch by Sunrock showing PEG project they have financed, mentioning public support for solar achieved by the PEG’s low visual impact.


12MWp PEG on a landfill in NL – Video showing the PEG in the Belvedere project on a landfill site in Maastricht Netherlands. 1-October-2020


Emma Safety Shoes PEG project in the Netherlands – A video showing the ground mounted PEG in the Emma Safety Shoes Kerkrade C&I project in the Netherlands. Published by the EPC, Volta Solar. 1-October-2020

3.3) Asia


The installation of the 12.5MWp Tlamim project in Israel – Prime Energy publication of the installations of the Tlamim stage #2 PEG EW project in Israel with the total capacity of 12.5MWp. 27-March-2023


19.2MWp, Changi Business Park in Singapore – Terrenus Energy publication about the 19.2 MWp Changi Business Park project in Changi Singapore, mentioning “Cutting edge technology” and “a revolutionary ground mount PV design” and showing few photos of the PEG. Q1 2022


19.2MWp, Changi Business Park in Singapore – An article in Mothership about 19.2 MWp Changi Business Park project in Changi Singapore as a “Temporary solar farm”, mentioning the system’s lightweight and shallow foundations as critical for the different future use of the land, showing few photos of the PEG system.  4-November-2022


C&I PEG project in India – LinkedIn publication by Enerparc Energy about their C&I 900kWp PEG project in India which they had developed and installed during mid 2022.  August-2022.

3.4) South America


1.5MWp for KFC in Ecuador – An Ekos article about the 1.5MWp PEG EW near Quito, Ecuador which is the first C&I solar project in the country and will supply 90% of the electricity demand of 13 restaurants. www.ekosnegocios.com, 6 March 2023


Huanguelen Project, Argentina – PROINGED’s Spanish website showing small 300kWp Huanguelen PEG project in Argentina commissioned during Q3 2019.

4) Design


PEG experience with severe Hurricane in Cuba – A Post about severe Hurricane Ian passing through a PEG site in the west part of Cuba, causing no damage to the PEG system. This is a clear demonstration of the robustness of the PEG system for wind regions of up to 160-180mph. 3-October-2022

5) Articles

PEG for caribbean zone

What makes PEG EW the best ground mount solution for the Caribbean? Article on Linkedin, 9 March 2023


PEG racking system survives 120 mph hurricane hit in Cuba.
– An article about the PEG’s design and robustness following hurricane event in Cuba. PV magazine, Nov 14 2022


East West solar systems – PEG on the magazine front page! – Solar Power Magazine article in their January 2022 edition about East-West solar systems, mentioning the PEG – on pages 43-47 (roller pages 45-49). A PEG photo is shown on the front page of this edition. Solar Power World, January-2022


PEG extremely efficient land use – An article about the PEG’s extremely efficient land use, with quotes from the DNV-GL bankability report done for the PEG. Solar Builders, 6-July-2020


PEG installation simplicity – A PEG article in the PV Magazine website focusing on the PEG installation simplicity. PV Magazine, 28-January-2020


PEG design simplicity – An article focusing on the PEG’s design simplicity and its UL-2703 compliance. Solar Builders, 15-October-2019


PEG low CAPEX – An article about the PEG low CAPEX reaching 1$/Wp. Renew Economy, 22-June-2017

PEG Project Development

PEG Design

Picture at the top: Meralli Projects