Providing Engineering Services for the Australian Solar Industry

Gamcorp is an Engineering company providing consulting and certification services for solar projects across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Founded in 1972 by William Gamble, the business is now owned and operated by his son Martin Gamble with team of 20+ engineers based in Notting Hill and Bairnsdale, Victoria. Over the past 10 years Gamcorp have been specialists in the commercial solar industry supporting over 3000 projects so far.

PEG is certified by Gamcorp for Australian high wind tropical regions!

Gamcorp certified the PEG system for Australian wind regions A, B and C (tropical Australia). Gamcorp is providing structural assessment, advice and certification to ensure the system adheres to the Australian standards.


  • Solar Installation Assessment Services with Fixed Fee’s and Guaranteed Time-frames.
  • Clear Structural Reports & Compliance Certification
  • PV Design Engineer, Project Manager and Sales Team Training for optimising PV Array installations
  • Roof Area Inspection Training

Solar Racking System PEG in Australia, certified by Gamcorp

Over the past 10 years Gamcorp has developed methodologies from internal and external research to ensure that the PV Array Systems are optimised for Australian & New Zealand conditions. Gamcorp has expertise in both fixed tilt and tracker systems.