Patented Mounting System for Solar Power Plants


Increase Your Land Yield by 225%

PEG- Patented Mounting System for Solar Power Plants

The PEG® provides a unique simplified high-density ground mount solution that produces 225% more land yield versus trackers and fixed tilt systems. The low profile 8-degree tilt design requires minimal spacing between modules creating an ocean of solar panels.

The PEG® is very mobile, light weight, simple to install with only hand tools, no DC trenching, no foundations, no concrete and requires minimal land giving you flexibility of choosing where to install. The PEG® provides a more sustainable solution for solar at a significantly reduced CAPEX.

PEG - Patented solar mounting system

Simplified Design

PEG Solar Mounting - Design
1) Subject to the site conditions and system design
2) For exceptional permafrost conditions, the ramming depth could be up to 2m, done by the use of two rods crimped together onsite through a sleeve, subject to project-specific approval.

Efficiency Improvement

PEG Solar Logistic

Cost Reduction

Reduced machine costs for solar power plants
less machine costs
Reduced logistic costs for solar power plants
less logistic costs

180+ Plants

500+ MWp

40+ Countries

PEG® Advantages at a Glance

  • 225% improved land yield versus leading trackers and fixed tilt
  • Low profile avoids shading and maximizes land utilization
  • Designed in Germany to be simple and minimize CAPEX
  • Aerodynamic proofed design up to 298+ km/h (185+ mph) winds
  • Hand tools only (no heavy machinery required)
  • Fast and easy mobilization
  • No foundations
  • No DC trenching
  • Integrated wire management
  • Reduced install times (50% versus trackers)
  • Preserving resources: up to 50% lower raw material usage (steel, power cables), resulting in a better CO2 balance
  • Highest point is 1 meter (3.3 feet) leading to improved H&S
  • Low profile means less pushback from neighbors for permitting
  • Simplified dismantling after project life

Webinar: High-Density Ground Mount Racking Solution with Significant CAPEX savings

Webinar: A cost competitive innovation for the Middle East

PEG documents available upon request

Case Studies, Bankability Report and Carbon Footprint report

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PEG Substructure

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* Explanation of key figures:
MWp/ha: Referring to the complete DC area, including the gaps between the DC blocks/tables
kWp/man-hour: Time for complete installation of a PEG solar power plant incl. inverter stations
MWp/container: Only the substructure
Machine costs: Referring to all machines for the installation of the DC system, compared to a conventional substructure
Labor costs: Labor for complete installation of the PEG solar power plant, incl. inverter stations, compared to a conventional substructure
Logistic costs: All, including machinery and labour, to the site and onsite, compared to a conventional substructure
All figures are indicative, may differ regionally and assuming the use of 380-400W modulesPictures:
Jurchen Technology GmbH, Meralli Projects PTY Ltd, Belectric GmbH, Volta Solar BVAll data may subject to alterations and errors.