RAYMO- mower for PEG® solar power plants

RAYMO TORPEDO robot + R42 FLEX cutting deck

  • The mower includes an all-wheel drive and is available in hybrid and purely electric versions.
  • Quick swap between all-electric and plug-in hybrid operation
  • Minimal noise pollution and emission-free in all-electric mode
  • Simple and safe control thanks to the zero-turn radius steering system and all-wheel drive


  • A single operator with a remote control
  • Mowing speed: 1500 sqm/hour (~2500-3000 sqm/hour with the auto-drive capability – next development)
RAYMO TORPEDO + R42 FLEX – Technical Data
Dimensionslength: 205 cm (81 in)
width: 115 cm (45 in)
height: 51 cm (20 in)
weight: 238 kg (525 lbs)
Number of operating PersonnelOne
Hybrid Operation time6 - 8 h
Fully Electric Operation time4 -5 h
Mowing performance
on a PEG plant
1500 sqm (0.37 acre) per hour
/~6.7 hours per Hectare
(~2.7 hours per Acre)*

*: depends on the soil conditions and module size


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Mowing Solution RAYMO

Ground Cover Sheet

The weed barrier ground cover sheet is a geotextile that is very cost-effective solution for vegetation control. It is a commercially available product in use for farming and industrial activities to avoid vegetation growth while allowing water flow. The product has a lifetime guarantee of 4-6 years although it’s used under the PEG shaded from the Sun should extend the product’s life to 10+ years. Moreover, different studies have shown high-quality sheets can last for more than 40 years. The first use of this product since January 2019 had a proven ROI of ~18 months due to avoided landscaping O&M costs. The sheet is not flammable. Woven and non-woven geotextile varieties allow for different water flow rates for storm water to penetrate avoiding water from accumulating underneath.





Pre-seeding  with low growing vegetation.. This is done prior to the construction phase, at least four months in advance, to allow the turf (grass sod) to develop prior to the start of construction start.

In general, different landscape lawn mixtures (RSM 7.) can be taken into consideration. Low clover species, such as white clover, which increase the soil’s nitrogen content, can be sown as an admixture. Other grass species could be sheep fescue and red fescue. The sowing period should be whenever the soil temperature is above 10°C. A sufficient and frequent water supply is required for fast and successful germination. One seeding method could be the use of a special sheets with implanted seeds, which allows quicker seeding while the sheets is dissolved within a few weeks.

The project-specific schedule, site-specific weather and the local norms and codes should be taken into consideration when planning the seeding.

Top soil layer

Another solution implemented at PEG projects is particular ground preparation leading to robust vegetation control over a long period of time. The site should be levelled and a basalt crusher dust spread, watered and compacted to a depth of approximately 30mm (1.18 in). This solution not only prevents vegetation growth but also allows quick and easy access under the PEG for O&M purposes.

French Ouessant sheep

  • Current O&M tests in the Netherlands, to cut grass under PEG using sheep
  • French Ouessant sheep, ~45-49cm high, short enough for PEG, with one shepherd
  • Only female sheep (not as shown in the photo)
  • 40 sheep per site, fenced in a different ~50m x 100m area for ~14 days
  • Require attention to avoid the risk of damaging cables in case no grass to eat
  • Positive feedback so far, if successful to be implemented in other projects
  • Soil to inc. minerals (salt) and water availablity

Spraying / Herbicide use

Controlling vegetation growth through herbicide might not be an environmentally friendly solution, however it is an acceptable practice in some countries and is implemented at solar systems globally.
Herbicide might include active ingredients which may damage the galvanised coating of the PEG substructure. Due to that, Jurchen Technology must approve the herbicide product prior to its use under the PEG system.
Electric motorized trolleys have been developed by few clients to tow tanks for spraying herbicide around and under the PEG solar system.

PEG solar O&M

Solar Cleaning Solutions

inspection solar power plant

Solar Module Replacement



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