1) Walking paths

The walking paths between the PEG blocks allows access to the DC plant. The location and width of the walking paths is determined during the project design and should consider the O&M requirements. A minimal width of the walking paths should be ~1m (3.3 feet) to allow comfortable access by the O&M personnel. The location and size of the cable trays should be considered as well. The module replacement could be done from the ground level, by reaching from underneath the array with a 12 volt drill or by removing all modules from the edge of the block up to the faulty module.

walking path in a PEG solar power plant

2) Trolley for access underneath the modules

Trolleys allow easier access under the PEG system. Flatter ground allows easier access.. The PEG height, determined during the system design, should consider underneath access by O&M personnel and their equipment, with the minimum short rod height 700mm above ground. Removing the module from underneath is possible through the ~70mm gap between the modules in the East-West direction. This method is implemented by one of the EPC and O&M service providers for PEG projects in Australia.

3) SMB Multiboards

Another method to access the modules can be from above, using the SMB Multiboard, which allows O&M personnel to safely walk on the modules without causing any damage. The product is tested and TÜV certified for micro-cracks on PV modules. Two O&M personnel are required to use this methodology.
Module replacement is possible with this methodology as was tested by Jurchen Technology engineers. Careful attention is required to perform this task safely without any damage to the O&M personnel or the modules.

Approval from the module manufacturer is required before the use of this solution.


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