PEG® for C&I Customers in Europe

Jurchen Technology is now offering pre-engineered PEG blocks for Commercial and Industrial clients who are looking for a low cost way to go solar. PEG is extremely well suited for constrained sites and for small parcels of land for clients seeking a low-cost solar solution.

With recent news regarding Russia many companies in Europe are looking to switch to renewables to insure their energy independence. This is one way Jurchen Technology is doing it’s part for interested customers.

Above is pictured Emma Shoes Solar Park in Kerkrade, Netherlands constructed by Volta Solar BV

Why PEG?

  • PEG is a very high-density ground mount solution meaning it provides about 225% more energy for a given parcel of land versus competitors. This is ideal if you have limited land available for solar.
  • Low profile – the PEG is about waist level or 1 meter high at it’s highest point. This means it’s hard to see by the general public. Community acceptance, neighbor approval and city council approval are essential for any project, especially for plots near residential or industrial areas
  • Reduced Costs – Not only is our solution cheaper than rooftop systems, but we can also beat conventional substructure projects with ~30-35% reduced
  • Shallow foundations – The foundation is generally about 0.5-0.8 meters into the ground allowing for a simplified permitting process with local city councils. No concrete foundations and easy decomissioning means there is less risk of landlord refusal.
  • Minimal materials – the PEG uses ~75% less steel than competitiors. This means we are reducing our carbon footprint while saving you on the costs of steel, which is very expensive in today’s market

Pre-Engineered Scaleable PEG Blocks

Jurchen Technology is now working with our industry leading EPCs in Europe to offer standardized, pre-engineered 40, 60 or 100 kWp blocks (available in select markets). Standard blocks include Longi LR4-60HPB modules and Huawai SUN2000 40KTL-M3, SUN2000-60KTL-M0 or SUN2000-100KTL-M1 inverters.
Customized solutions are also available for projects larger than 750 kWp. From a system size of 750 kWp, we offer site specific (layout, modules, inverters, etc.).


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