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Are you interested in electricity from renewable and environmentally friendly sources? A solar power system for your own use is the ideal solution. Our PEG racking solution provides a lower cost, simple to install and high density alternative to expensive roof top systems that are costly and difficult to install.

Jurchen Technology is offering small PEG blocks for Commercial and Industrial clients who are looking for a low cost way to go solar. PEG is extremely well suited for constrained sites and for small parcels of land for clients seeking a low-cost solar solution.

With recent news regarding Russia many companies in Europe are looking to switch to renewables to insure their energy independence. This is one way Jurchen Technology is doing it’s part for interested customers.

Above is pictured Emma Shoes Solar Park in Kerkrade, Netherlands constructed by Volta Solar BV

Why solar?

  • It is profitable, as solar panels are currently very cheap
  • It is generating electricity during the day where the electricity demand is the highest

Why PEG as a ground mounted system?

  • It used 95-98% of the land, offering the maximum energy generation on the available land.
  • When the roof areas are already in use and there is more demand for electricity
  • When the roof surfaces are unsuitable for mounting modules
  • It is very low above-ground, which is acceptable by neighbours and community, for a simpler and quicker approval process.
  • Its foundation is shallow below ground without concrete foundations, allowing quick and simple removal in the future, for different use of the land.

Please reach out to our sales team for more information.

Community Support and Local Council Permits

Community acceptance, neighbors consent and council permit approval are critical for any projects, especially on land near residential or industrial properties.

The PEG® significantly decreased those risks due to the following:

1. Low profile racking
  • Significantly reduces visual impact (height ~1m (~3.3ft) above ground)
  • Easily blends into the environment
  • Easily concealed by low profile vegetation
low height solar power plant
2. Shallow foundation

Shallow foundation of less than 0.8m (2.6ft) without concrete

  • Reduces council permitting and environmental risks
  • Reduces risks of landlord’s refusal due to fears of decommissioning at the end of project life
Ramming depth Solar power plant

Securing project investment

Lightweight and simple PEG® racking design allows significant CAPEX savings

  • Reduces required equity investment
  • Enables a more financially viable project
Only 1m height Solar Power Plant PEG

Image: Installation of the DC cabling at the PEG solar power plant in Lembruch, Germany. Commissioned in 2018.

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