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Founded in 2018, GiraSol Renewable Energy is a leading consulting company covering different aspects of Israel’s PV and renewable energy market. GiraSol is a professional, tech-savvy, innovation-led marketplace of solutions providing asset owners and EPC’s with high-quality products needed for their PV projects.

GiraSol has been a distribution partner of Jurchen Technology on the Israeli market since 2019. If you have any questions about products such as PEG or JuCon, please do not hesitate to contact them.


  • Consulting and sales for Jurchen Technology products.
  • Bringing you leading companies, products and technology in the global PV industry
  • Providing complementary solutions with customized products to support all stages of solar plants lifecycle
  • Quality, innovative and creative solutions, with market compatibility, to achieve best performance

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Girasol Renewable Energy
Gefen 28 st
MATAN 4585800

CEO Yoni Ben Mazia

Yoni Ben Mazia, the founder and CEO of GiraSol Renewable Energy, set the company’s goal in bringing forth the best and most innovative products in the global PV market to maximize the performance of renewable energy investments.
GiraSol partners with world-leading companies in the PV and renewables industry, researches their products, and aligns their benefits to fit the needs and resources of the unique and growing Israeli PV market.

Yoni Ben Mazia

PEG® PV Substructure

JuCon DC Cabling

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