Lowering CAPEX over 40%

Building a solar power plant with less machine, logistic and labor costs

The PEG system offers the lowest possible Levelized Costs of Energy (LCOE) with a best-in-class technology and long-term reliability. This LCOE is achieved through significantly less substructure supply, delivery and installation costs.

The PEG is built with minimal foundations and installation effort and without heavy construction machines.

90 %

Machine costs*

50 %

Logistic costs*

The PEG installations do NOT require heavy machines

All installation tools required for PEG are packed in small package:

solar installation peg package

Just 4 types of tools required:

Cords and measuring

Solar power plant installation using cords

Setting up the ramming locations: A GPS-based device is needed to mark the corner points of each block. The remaining markings can be set with cords.

Hammer drill

Solar power plant installation using hammer drill

A standard hammer drill is sufficient for ramming the rods. A standard earth auger is required for drilling the anchor rods.

Pressing machine

Solar power plant installation using pressing machine

Crimping the plates will be done with a standard pressing machine and the pressing jaw from Jurchen Technology.

Electric screwdriver

Solar power plant installation using screwdriver

The modules are easily mounted with clips and hexagon socket screws using a cordless screwdriver.

PEG installation process

Details PEG installation video

Drilling anchor rods

An alternative PEG foundations for soft soil

Installation Image Gallery

Pull out test Laser for Solar Power Plant laser for leveling Marking the ramming point Marking ramming points with stakes Marking the grid of solar power plant Marking the grid with lines Sollar Power Plant Marking Marking ramming points Ramming rods with a drill hammer Ramming rods with a drill hammer Hammer drill Hammer drill Ramming Ramming Adjustment of rods with a cord Adjusting with a cord Deliverd plates at the site of the solar power plant Deliverd plates Crimping the base plate Crimping the base plate Crimping the down plate Crimping the down plate Down plates Down plates Placing the modules Placing the modules Solar Module mounting Module mounting Fixed modules Fixed modules View underneath the modules View underneath the modules View of the plant from above View from above Complete Solar Power Plant Complete DC Cabling DC Cabling Inverter stations Inverter stations



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* Explanation of key figures:
Machine costs: Referring to all machines for the installation of the DC system, compared to a conventional substructure
Labor costs: Labor for complete installation of the PEG solar power plant, incl. inverter stations, compared to a conventional substructure
Logistic costs: All, including machinery and labour, to the site and onsite, compared to a conventional substructure
All figures are indicative, may differ regionally and assuming the use of 380-400W modules

Jurchen Technology GmbH, Meralli Projects PTY Ltd, Belectric GmbH, Volta Solar BV

All data may subject to alterations and errors.