Superior quality due to in-house manufacturing

In addition to solar substructures and DC cable harnesses for solar power plants, Jurchen Technology has a third manufacturing line for Toolmaking which include both press moulds and metal components. Many years of experience in the solar industry and our in-house tool and prototype manufacturing have three advantages:

1. Fast response time

Jurchen Technology manufacturing is significantly faster compared to outsourcing, allowing Jurchen Technology’s cabling manufacturing to respond very quickly to very tight deadlines.

2. Customized tools

Jurchen Technology’s manufacturing process includes continuous optimization where machines are regularly re-equipped and new ones are acquired for manufacturing custom-made tools.

3. Prototypes for the in-house engineering team.

Jurchen Technology’s engineering team is focused on the development of new products and improving existing products. This includes prototypes for feasibility tests and is done in close cooperation between the tool manufacturing department and the engineering team.

values and visions

Values and Visions