Michael Scholler

Head of Engineering

Hello Michael, how long have you been working for Jurchen Technology?

I have started working for Jurchen Technology in 2017.

What training route and professional path did you pass before you came to Jurchen Technology?

I completed an apprenticeship as a technical draftsman and then further training as a state-certified mechanical engineering technician. Initially, I worked in the design of brewery equipment. Later I moved to a large solar EPC where I worked for nine years as a team leader for design and development.

In what department do you work?

In engineering.

Behind the success of Jurchen Technology are people with ideas and energy.
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What’s special for your work area?

Flexibility and the ability to switch quickly between different activities. In addition, you should be able to think laterally – and see quality as a key and valuable asset.

How do you spend your lunch-hour, do you have special rituals?

We usually eat together in our lounge. Afterwards we like to go outside and talk about private things.

How would you describe the team spirit in your department and in the company as a whole?

We are an excellent team in which things are tough but cordial. If something doesn’t fit, it’s addressed quickly, openly, and honestly. We also talk about personal matters and know what’s going on in our colleagues’ heads.

What is important for you during work time?

I take great care not to make any mistakes, even if that doesn’t always work out. But over the years, I have acquired certain know-how and routine that I can now bring to Jurchen Technology.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The projects abroad are something special. For example, I was on one of our construction sites in Israel, where a PV plant with an incredible 120 megawatts was built. At the time, it was the largest plant in the company’s history, and it was a great feeling to have played a part in it.

What is your defining characteristic at Jurchen Technology?

Curiously, the name “the Scholler”. This is already a kind of running gag here in the company. The boss prefixes every colleague with “Mr.” or “Mrs.” as usual, except in my case. But I don’t mind, because I have the impression that it’s a sign of appreciation (laughs).

What three attributes would characterise you best?

Open-minded, friendly, but sometimes highly annoyed (laughs).

What is your vision for the future at Jurchen?

My goal is to optimize processes and contribute to the healthy growth of the company. I also have an ambitious technology roadmap we are hoping to fulfil to help further revolutionize the solar industry.

How would you describe Jurchen as an employer to your friends?

Things are very family-like here. In principle, everyone is welcomed here with open arms. That’s why people are very motivated at work. Yes, we are something like a family.

What tips do you have for your new colleagues?

To be open, not afraid, but always to be fully committed to the task at hand. We’ve found that new trainees sometimes find it hard to put aside their relaxed attitude when things get serious. I have to bang my fist on the table from time to time (laughs).


Michael, thank you very much for the interview!

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