Sunita Maurya

Accounting Jurchen Technology India
How long have you been working for Jurchen Technology?

I have been working here since 2015.

What training route and professional path did you pass before you came to Jurchen Technology?

I completed my professional degree from Mumbai University and also had some work experience in previous companies before I came to Jurchen India.

In what department do you work, how many colleagues are in your team?

I work in the finance department, next to me, a colleague works in the Jurchen Technology Mumbai factory.

Behind the success of Jurchen Technology are people with ideas and energy.

In the series “Our employees in an interview” we would like to briefly introduce you to the faces of our company.

What’s special for your work area?

Finance people have the primary responsibility of monitoring the company finances, preparing financial statements, finance-sales reporting, controlling income, cash flow, and expenditure.

What do you need for your job and what personal skills are important for your position?

Communication skills, management experience, initiative, commitment, ability to work in a team, organizational skills, and time management skills

How do you start at your workplace in the morning?

I arrive on time, organize my day to assess priority, schedule a time for each task, and  finish as per the schedules.

How do you spend your lunch-hour, do you have special rituals?

We have a canteen area on our office premises. We bring food from home and sit together with other colleagues and share our lunch. And after lunch, we go for a short walk.

What is important for you during work time?

Time management is essential in the workplace to get higher productivity. Time management can help us deliver work on time, provide a better quality of work, and less stress about deadlines.

What three attributes would characterise you best?

Ability to work in harmony with co-workers, honesty and good communication skills

What is your vision for the future at Jurchen Technology?

I want to focus on small but more specific goals of financial management like planning, cash flow management and aim to help the company maximize profits.

What was your best experience at Jurchen Technology?

Jurchen India is like a second home for me. We have a small team, but all of the members are so positive and friendly. Here everyone helps and supports each other. I have the freedom to express my views to the management.

What tips do you have for your new colleagues?

Respect everyone, give 110 percent at work, always offer to help everyone and always be positive.

Sunita, thank you very much for the interview!
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