Suresh Khe

Senior Manager at Jurchen Technology India
Hello Suresh, how long have you been working for Jurchen?

I have been working for this company for the last seven years.

What training route and professional path did you pass before you came to Jurchen?
I have completed my four-years-degree in engineering in Mumbai in 2007. After that, I went for additional training for improving my software skills for another six months. In 2008, I started my career as an application engineer for a software company. Then I did a few jobs for different industries including machinery, packaging and solar. I was mainly responsible for the solar market making me a good fit for Jurchen Technology.

In what department do you work, how many colleagues are in your team?
I’m working in our technical department.

Behind the success of Jurchen Technology are people with ideas and energy.

In the series “Our employees in an interview” we would like to briefly introduce you to the faces of our company.

What’s special for your work area?

In the designing and technical area, there are always new requirements and challenges which always dare you to find better innovative solutions. Besides that, customer and company satisfaction is an ultimate priority. That’s why I love my work.

What do you need for your job and what personal skills are important for your position?

My job gives me the opportunity to grow and recognize my efforts and achievements. In my opinion, this is the ultimate satisfaction for any employee. And being in the technical department with project-based organization you always need team support. In addition, the optimization of our workflow is very important to me.

How do you start at your workplace in the morning?

When I get to my office, first of all, I write down the tasks what I have to do and balance tasks which are yet to be completed from the previous day. Based on that I prioritize the tasks as per the deadlines and requirements.

How do you spend your lunch-hour, do you have special rituals?

We have a small canteen. Most of our colleagues bring food from home. It’s like a buffet system served with different varieties of food. We are all sitting together and share our lunch with each other. It’s a good team event. We laugh a lot, talk about all kinds of things and relax from work. After finishing lunch, if possible, we also go for a small walk.

How would you describe the team spirit in your department and in the company as a whole?

As colleagues, we need to coordinate our different tasks well. When we receive a new project everybody meets in the conference room including colleagues from mechanical, electrical and administration departments. Then we define what steps are needed and  what the deadlines are so everybody knows the framework conditions and responsibilities.

What is important for you during work time?

My company and customer satisfaction is always important to me. I want to keep myself busy at work, make a profit for the company and be a good leader for my fellows. Furthermore, I would like to enjoy working.

What three attributes would characterise you best?

Passionate, punctual and inquisitive for knowledge.

What is your vision for the future at Jurchen Technology?

To see Jurchen as the best company in the market with satisfied customers. From a personal development point of view, I would like to see myself having a good position at the company with a supporting salary.

What was your best experience at Jurchen Technology?

Initially in the year 2012 during my time of joining. We have projects and products which are from Germany. So, the requirement was to design new products for the Indian market as the German products were very costly. Until now, many products have been developed as per the Indian market requirement with good revenue and profit for the company. So I would actually say that the last seven years of hard work and experience have been paid off when you have almost all types of products in your portfolio.

What tips do you have for your new colleagues?

He or she should be very dedicated to the work we do and possess good technical knowledge. It doesn’t matter if he or she recently finished his or her education. The main issue is to always be a learner and an organisational talent.


Suresh, thank you very much for the interview!
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