Tushar Mestry

Deputy Manager Production Jurchen Technology India
How long have you been working for Jurchen?

I have started working for Jurchen Technology in 2017.

What training route and professional path did you pass before you came to Jurchen?

My training route began – like so often – at the University. I graduated in Engineering (with focus on Production) followed by a Postgrad-Program in Mechanical Engineering. During my studies I also got the chance to gain practical experience during internships and after my studies I started to work as an engineering lecturer. I was always interested in modern technologies of energy production, especially Solar Energy was one of my main interests and that’s what finally brought me to Jurchen Technology where I currently work as a Deputy Manager in Production.

In what department do you work, how many colleagues are in your team?

Here at Jurchen Technology I work in the Cable-Harness Department but my responsibilities are also closely tied to HSE topics as well as Maintenance activities at the factory. To be able to complete all essential tasks I get assistance from a workforce of 10 people.

Behind the success of Jurchen Technology are people with ideas and energy.

In the series “Our employees in an interview” we would like to briefly introduce you to the faces of our company.

What’s special for your work area?

The most special thing in our work area are the challenging and always changing customer requirements that we are fulfilling during the manufacturing of individual cable harnesses or customized aluminum structures. We always try our best when we are accepting new challenges arising from changing customer demands and enjoy finding suitable solution for nearly every problem.

What do you need for your job and what personal skills are important for your position?

In our business field there are many very important personal skills. Besides analytical thinking and technical expertise, distinct creativity in problem solution, the willingness to learn and adapt constantly and the ability to motivate people should be mentioned here. Also, it shouldn’t be forgotten that most of the tasks can’t be solved alone and therefore require a high amount of Team Spirit.

How do you start at your workplace in the morning?

After arriving in the office I will normally have a short walk on the workshop floor at first. I need to check if all the processes are running smoothly and I try to solve any upcoming problems immediately. After that I also screen the production related data and have a follow-up with suppliers if necessary, before I start with upcoming new tasks.

How do you spend your lunch hour, do you have special rituals?

We have a small dining room where workers have lunch together. It’s a good atmosphere and all of us enjoy the lunchtime. It’s also well suited to meet some people from other departments and get in touch with colleagues.

How would you describe the team spirit in your department and in the company as a whole?

The team spirit in our department and all over the company is very good. I have the feeling we have an open communication culture and if there are some personal disputes, an open and honest discussion always leads to a solution. I also appreciate the constant reporting and communication between the departments that help to bring the teams closer together.

What is important for you during work time?

In my work field project deadlines and the quality of the outcome is most important, since we want to fulfil the customer demands encompassing. Sometimes it requires lots of adaption to new situations within the projects, but I enjoy the constant improvement of me and also the company that eventually leads to high customer satisfaction.

What three attributes would characterise you best?

I would describe myself as passionate, eager for knowledge, adaptive and accurate.

What is your vision for the future at Jurchen?

My vision for Jurchen would have the customer in the middle of it. It would include innovative products and solutions for photovoltaic systems with KAIZEN that constantly enhance our customer satisfaction all over the world.

What was your best experience at Jurchen?

I really enjoy working with and learning from my German colleagues. Their vast knowledge in photovoltaic systems and their passion for providing the best possible solutions in the industry is really a high inspiration and motivation to me.

What tips do you have for your new colleagues?

The best advice I can give to new colleagues is to stay open-minded and preserve a willingness to learn and to improve constantly. It will have a high impact on the project results and also on one’s personal development. Try to create value in an organisation instead of deciding your value from your salary.

Thank You.
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