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Jurchen Technology US and Eastern Power Solutions forge a 21 MW DC Supply Agreement for PEG EW Racking in American Samoa for 2024

Pago Pago, American Samoa, April 2024 — Jurchen Technology US Corporation and Eastern Power Solutions — American Samoa (EPS AS, LLC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastern Power Solutions, proudly announce the signing of a comprehensive supply agreement for the deployment of PEG EW racking for Eastern Power Solutions for more than 20 MW DC ground portfolio projects in American Samoa. This collaboration signifies a pivotal step toward achieving American Samoa‘s renewable energy objectives and underscores the commitment of American Samoa Government and the American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) to foster sustainable energy solutions.

Driving Sustainable Energy Solutions in American Samoa

The agreement lays the foundation for the swift implementation of three solar energy generation projects in American Samoa, aiding the island in swiftly realizing its renewable energy goals. The construction-ready portfolio is set to formally commence groundbreaking April 12, 2024, with project completion phases scheduled throughout the year.

The PEG Advantage: Tailored for Challenging Terrains

The selection of PEG EW racking stems from its unparalleled adaptability to the diverse and challenging soil conditions at the project sites. From basalt boulders and cobbles, to sand, mixed coral, and coral pebbles, the PEG solution excels in environments with varying soil types, even accommodating high water tables as close as 1.5 meters.

PEG‘s innovative design, marked by simplicity, high-density, and lightweight attributes, significantly streamlines the installation process. This leads to a substantial reduction in construction efforts, materials, logistics, and the need for remote island labor sourcing. Additionally, PEG boasts an aerodynamic design engineered to withstand extreme hurricane winds, providing a reliable and resilient solution for American Samoa‘s demanding environment.

Testimonials from Key Contributors

Dr. R. Scott Bonney, Chief Operating Officer, Eastern Power Solutions

“Before encountering PEG at RE+ Las Vegas 2023, I was convinced that the bespoke conditions of American Samoa, with its diverse soils, extensive volcanic rock, tuff-covered  corals, and often shallow saline water tables, along with its harsh environment of heat, high humidity, and salt spray meant that no one racking solution could possibly meet our varied needs across our disparate solar sites. After days of reviewing hundreds of expensive, heavy, over-built and under-performing potential racking solutions, I stumbled upon the Jurchen booth. It was so simple, lightweight, even elegant, that at first I didn’t believe it could possibly do all it claimed. But as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Quality Systems Management with a focus on applied hypothesis testing, I don’t judge before reviewing the data.

Matthew Lusk, CEO of Jurchen Technology US Corporation was up to the challenge. He walked me through the patents, the studies, and in some cases the simple common sense of the  PEG less-is more approach to solving the challenge of strong, stable, light-weight, robust solar racking.

He even made me completely re-think all I thought I knew about optimizing spaces, shading, and fixed-angle designs. I was sold on the theory … but would it work in reality? I literally called my CEO on my way off the conference floor and told him, ‘I think I just found our answer.’

A few weeks later we had samples on the ground in American Samoa and began experimenting. Varying hole diameters, depths, concrete composition, fill mixtures and methods, and above all, the topographical and geological conditions that our geo-tech studies had identified, we set out to see what the PEG solution could do. Bottom line, after scores of pull-tests across all our sites, I was all in!

PEG was faster and easier to install for our crew, lighter weight and lower volume for shipping, made better use of space for our client, and passed every test under every condition at every site for our engineers, and had a faster order-to-manufacture-to-deliver time than … well … everyone. No-brainer.

We  cancelled all our other plans and went 100% with PEG solutions at every site. It just made sense. As we work to deliver solar projects on other islands in both the Atlantic and the Pacific, as well as across the continental United States, PEG solutions will continue to be my go-to racking solution.“

Matthew Lusk, CEO, Jurchen Technology US Corporation

“The impending arrival of the PEG revolution for ground-mount solar in American Samoa heralds an exciting chapter in our pursuit of sustainable energy solutions. As we eagerly anticipate its rapid deployment across the island, we are poised to showcase PEG‘s exceptional benefits, especially in challenging terrains and extreme weather conditions. This revolutionary technology is set to add significant value to ground-mounted solar initiatives in remote islands, particularly in the Pacific and Caribbean regions. We are proud to be at the forefront of this transformative journey, demonstrating the resilience and adaptability of PEG to diverse environments, as we contribute to a cleaner, greener future for American Samoa and beyond.“

Pictures: American Samoa Power Authority’s Solar Farm groundbreaking ceremony at Pavaia’i

About Eastern Power Solutions

Eastern Power Solutions is a growing leader in engineering, procurement, construction, operation, maintenance, and upgrading (EPC/OMU) of renewable energy in utility-grade, commercial, and rooftop solar, aggressively pursuing projects in geologically and geographically diverse and logistically challenging environments. The company prioritizes safety, simplicity, quality, velocity, and costs in ensuring the success of solar initiatives worldwide.

About Jurchen Technology

Jurchen Technology is a prominent manufacturer of racking and DC cabling for solar power plants. PEG, the company‘s patented flagship racking solution, stands out for its simplicity, high-density and suitability for high winds. With an in-house German R&D center, Jurchen Technology is dedicated to delivering durable, reliable products tailored to specific customer needs.

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