News from Nov 13, 2023

Jurchen Technology USA and Blue Circle Energy Sign 60 MW MOU to Revolutionize Solar Energy Projects across Barbados with Sol Ecolution Funding

Jurchen Technology US Corporation and BC Energy (Barbados) Inc., in partnership with BC Energy Projects (Barbados) Inc. (collectively known as "Blue Circle Energy"), are thrilled to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU"). This agreement paves the way for the construction of a 60 MW portfolio of cutting-edge ground-mounted solar energy generation projects across Barbados, utilizing Jurchen Technology's innovative PEG EW racking solution. The portfolio is currently progressing through various stages of development, supported by an agreement with Sol Ecolution to fund the construction of the portfolio.

About the Agreement

Under this MOU, Blue Circle Energy will deploy the PEG as its preferred racking/substructure across approximately 50 ground-mounted solar projects, referred to as Community Solar Gardens, situated across all eleven parishes in Barbados. These projects, at different development stages, are expected to undergo construction in phases between 2024 and 2026, subject to regulatory approvals. Upon completion, the Community Solar Gardens aim to generate 60 MW DC of total capacity. The decentralized nature of these projects will not only minimize short-term impacts on the electrical grid but also provide long-term grid support and resilience.

The PEG Advantage

The PEG ground mount racking was chosen for its remarkable design, characterized by simplicity, high-density, and lightweight attributes, leading to a significant streamlining of the installation process. This results in a drastic reduction in construction effort, materials, logistics, and labor sourcing. With its low-to-the-ground, waist-height racking, the PEG provides an aerodynamic design specifically engineered to withstand extreme wind hurricanes. The PEG has undergone extensive technical due diligence reviews by DNV and Sol Ecolution, accompanied by successful PEG rod foundation testing performed extensively throughout the island, including in limestone.

Voices from the Leadership

Hon. Lisa Cummins, Minister of Energy, Barbados, shared her excitement about the signing of this significant MOU, stating, "We are pleased to witness this remarkable milestone in Barbados' renewable energy journey through the signing of the MOU between Jurchen Technology and Blue Circle Energy. The utilization of Jurchen Technology's innovative PEG EW racking solution in the construction of a 60 MW portfolio of ground-mounted solar energy generation projects across Barbados represents a significant leap forward towards our renewable energy goals. This collaboration exemplifies Barbados' commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology and accelerating our progress towards a more sustainable and resilient future."

Cameron Steinman, President of Blue Circle Energy, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "The PEG technology has surpassed our expectations and offers exceptional financial advantages for solar projects in Barbados. Its cost-effectiveness, simplified installation process, reduced material usage, increased use of local labor, exceptional performance in high winds, and construction using handheld tools were all pivotal factors in our decision. During extensive testing across the island, the PEG rods demonstrated impressive foundational robustness. I eagerly anticipate the widespread deployment of PEG technology throughout Barbados, leveraging its immense potential to revolutionize the solar landscape."

Dami Adesegha, Regional Manager, Renewable Energy, Sol Ecolution, commented, "I am delighted to support this MOU between Jurchen Technology and Blue Circle Energy. This strategic partnership is a significant step forward in advancing renewable energy infrastructure in Barbados. By providing funding for the construction of this portfolio of solar energy generation projects utilizing Jurchen Technology's PEG EW racking solution, we proudly contribute to the realization of Barbados' renewable energy goals. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to fostering sustainable energy solutions and underscores our dedication to driving positive change in the Caribbean region."

Matthew Lusk, CEO of Jurchen Technology US Corp, added, "By partnering with Blue Circle Energy, I am excited to redefine the future of solar energy infrastructure in Barbados. Our PEG racking solution not only simplifies the installation process but also enhances energy resiliency, even amidst the extreme weather conditions that the region frequently encounters. I firmly believe that this PEG collaboration will set a new standard in the Caribbean, demonstrating the potential for innovative, low-cost solutions that can be used in large scale to help nations reach their renewable energy goals."

About Blue Circle Energy

Blue Circle Energy, a Barbados-based renewable energy developer, empowers communities to shape their renewable energy future. They specialize in developing medium-scale solar energy generation and storage Community Solar Gardens, which seamlessly integrate within the community while encouraging local engagement and ownership. Blue Circle Energy is currently overseeing the development of over 50 solar PV Community Solar Gardens in Barbados, ranging in size from 250kW to 5MW AC. These projects are strategically distributed throughout the island, encompassing all eleven parishes.

About Jurchen Technology

Jurchen Technology is a leading manufacturer of high-quality racking and DC cabling for solar power plants. The company prides itself on the superior quality of its materials and workmanship, ensuring long-lasting and reliable products even in the most challenging conditions. With an in-house German R&D center conducting rigorous durability testing, Jurchen Technology guarantees the safety and longevity of its products. Their engineering team excels at providing customized solutions tailored to customers' specific needs. Jurchen Technology supports customer projects throughout the planning, construction, commissioning, and operation phases.

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