Pressrelease from Jun 29, 2020

PEG Bankability Report Available

The DNV GL bankability report for Jurchen Technology's PEG racking solution is now available! Highlighted in the report is the PEG’s land utilization is 225% higher land yield versus trackers and other fixed-tilt systems, making it a game-changer and ideal solution for land constrained sites.

Chillia solar power plant
picture: An ocean of solar panels made possible with the PEG
Solar power plant efficiency in NA
table 5-6 from the DNV GL bankability report

The PEG’s low-profile design and 8-degree tilt eliminates shading and allows for an ocean of solar panels with minimal spacing. The PEG’s high land utilization is confirmed within the bankability report in table 5-6 where the energy land use-efficiency MWh/acre has been compared to fixed tilt and tracker solutions. The data clearly shows how the PEG can be best utilized for land constrained sites. The PEG has a ground coverage ratio approximately 3 times more versus trackers and two times more than fixed-tilt systems. In addition, the systems simplistic design provides significant CAPEX savings regarding labor, mobilization, heavy machinery, and material.

Noteworthy Quotes from the Bankability Report:
"The PEG’s main advantage is in the efficiency of land use (the energy output per acre) and CAPEX reduction. The area-related energy harvest per acre is almost the same for either the fixed-tilt or single-axis tracker systems, while the PEG system exhibits a comparative 227% advantage over either of these types. The PEG product has been installed in the field since 2014 and Jurchen has not received any warranty claims to date. Jurchen has performed geotechnical and structural engineering which is typical for a product of this type."

You can request the Bankability report and case studies here: Order PEG documents

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