News from Dec 20, 2023

Introducing: Balkonstrom – Experts for balcony solar systems in the Mainfranken region

The company Balkonstrom, founded in 2021 and based in the district of Würzburg, is a local partner in photovoltaic technologies. The young team has specialized in the distribution of high-quality balcony solar systems and the corresponding photovoltaic components in the DACH regions. Balkonstrom offers their customers an all-in-one solution, ranging from consultation and planning to the installation of balcony solar systems. In their first year, the company sold plug-in solar systems with a total capacity of about three megawatts. Balkonstrom operates in both the B2C and B2B sectors.

If you have any questions about products, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The services we offer

- Consultation in the field of balcony solar systems and photovoltaic components

- The assembly of balcony solar systems and mini PV systems

What are the advantages of the collaboration between Jurchen Technology and Balkonstrom?

 DC extension cables of poor quality can cause, among other things, power losses of PV systems, shorten their service life or even pose safety risks. We are therefore committed to providing safe and reliable products in every way. We deliberately refrain from using imported cables in this sector. With the made-in-Germany cables from Jurchen Technology which are manufactured in line with the highest quality standards, we eliminate any potential risks and are able to guarantee our customers long-lasting PV systems.

Managing Director 

Markus Hemrich is the Managing Director of Balkonstrom GmbH. What once started as a personal interest has evolved into a passion for photovoltaic technology. As head of Balkonstrom, Mr. Hemrich‘s mission is to provide everyone with an affordable and easy way to get cheap electricity and become more independent of the external power supply. Mr. Hemrich is the contact person for collaborations and projects.


Balkonstrom GmbH


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