Jurchen Technology specializes in the development and production of substructure and high-quality DC cabling for ground mount solar and rooftop systems since 2008.

We offer a dual and innovative component solution for solar plants. Jurchen Technology attaches special importance to the quality of the materials and workmanship and the long-lasting reliability of its products. This allows us to implement an extremely wide range of customer requirements, individually and optimally.

PEG® PV Substructure

Haldia, West Bengal, 900 kWp

Rajkot, Gujarat, 7o kWp

The PEG® provides a unique simplified high-density ground mount solution that produces 225% more land yield versus trackers and fixed tilt systems. The low profile 8-degree tilt design requires minimal spacing between modules creating an ocean of solar panels.

The PEG® is very mobile, light weight, simple to install with only hand tools, no DC trenching, no foundations, no concrete and requires minimal land giving you flexibility of choosing where to install. The PEG® provides a more sustainable solution for solar at a significantly reduced CAPEX.

  • Extremely light substructure, 78% less steel vs. a conventional system
  • 1.85 MWp* DC per hectare (750 kWp DC per acre)
  • Produces 225% more land yield versus trackers and fixed tilt systems
  • No concrete foundations required
  • Robust & certified for tropical weather, high winds* (298+ kmh, 185+ mph) and high snow loads (up to 50+ psf)
  • 2.2 MW of substructure per 40 ft container
  • Safe installation, working height 1m (3´4“)
  • No heavy machines, no DC cable trenching
  • 500 working hours* per MWp (2.0 kWp* per working hour)
  • Low ecological footprint – Carbon footprint is 72 percent (61 tons CO2/MWp) less versus a conventional fixed-tilt system.
  • Robust design with over 400 MW in operation

Plantec Universal East-West

  • Optimized utilization of the given area
  • Extreme light aluminium construction
  • No perforation of the roof membrane
  • Shadow free installation of the modules

Plantec Universal SD

  • Extreme light aluminium construction
  • No perforation of the roof membrane
  • Fast and easy assembly by the use of less mounting parts
  • No need for special tools

Aqua Floating PV MMS

  • Application of highest-quality materials for a long product life cycle
  • Reliable product design with proper float experience
  • High and reliable delivery capacity

Trapeze Bridge Systems

  • An excellent lightweight Aluminium structure for trapezoidal roof
  • Can be used at any directions East west or south
  • Easy installation and durable accessories
  • Also available with FULL RAIL which makes the system sturdy and take more loads

Slider Fixer Rail

  • Fast erection aluminium system for laying landscape solar modules
  • Available in height of 100 mm for fast dissipation of heated solar modules
  • Excellent for Trapezoidal roof or High Rib roof

Full Rail System

  • Full rail is a cost-effective solution when you need faster installation on site.
  • The advantage of the system is that the load is transferred directly on the purlins.

15 degree south facing flat roof solutions

For maximum output from the sun throughout the day

Roof structures for asbestos sheets

Non penetrating roof solutions

for standing seam

for Kalzip® roof


SK-II – Cabling system

  • Solar project specific solutions
  • 50% reduction of cable, 50% reduction of installation time
  • Smaller PV array junction box possible
  • In-line fuses can be integrated directly into the cable (also JuCon)

Focused Markets in Asia

– India
– Bangladesh
– Sri Lanka
– Vietnam
– Malaysia
– Singapore
– Thailand

ISO Certificate

We are
ISO 9001:2015
certified company.


Product overview

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Amit Chheda

Amit Chheda

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* Explanation of PEG key figures:
Wind loads: Certification is country-specific and may differ in wind loads.
MWp/ha: Referring to the complete DC area, including the gaps between the DC blocks/tables
kWp/working hour: Time for complete installation of a PEG® solar power plant incl. inverter stations
MWp/container: Only the substructure
Machine costs: All machines required for the DC installation
Labor costs: Labor for complete installation of the PEG® solar power plant, incl. inverter stations
Logistic costs: Including machinery and labor, to the site and onsite
All figures assume ideal ground conditions, a min. 5MWp PEG system with 550W modules and may differ regionally