Harness cable Sykonec ArCon

Our products have been used for cabling photovoltaic systems since 2005 - up to the present day they have yielded power of more than 1,5 GWp.

We support our partners and customers right from the design and planning phase and develop the perfect connection solution for them. We ensure problem free production and delivery on schedule of the required components to your building-site. We are specialized in developing long-lasting and reliable cabling components for photovoltaic systems.

ArCon Advantages

  • Minimum assembling of connectors at site
  • Prevent system weak spots
  • Proven resistance to weathering
  • Extensive quality testing
  • Life expectancy 25 years
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Increased feed in
  • Less junctions
  • Fewer string-cable
  • Simple and reliable system
Technical data Sykonec ArCon
Rated voltage 1.000 V DC
Insulation material EVA-Compound 120 °C, acc. to DIN VDE 0282-2, HD22.1
Ambient temperature - 40 °C to + 90 °C
Max. operating temperature - 40 °C to + 120 °C
Resistance against Ozone acc. to DIN EN 50396, Method B
UV acc. UL 1581, ISO 4892-2, Method A
Damp-Heat test: 1.000 h, 90 °C and 85% humidity acc. to DIN EN 60068-2-78
Long-term resistance of insulation to DC: 0,9 kV DC, 240 h in saltwater at 85 °CAmmonia, 30 days in saturated NH3-atmosphere (internal test)
Flammability (internal tests) Single cable acc. to DIN EN 60332-1-2
Multiple cable acc. to DIN EN 50305-9
Lower smoke emission acc. to DIN EN 50268-2
Absence of Halogens acc. to DIN EN 50264-1
Lower toxicity acc. to DIN EN 50305
Degree of protection ArCon IP 68, 10 days, 1 m
Spark test 15 kV AC
Dielectric strength acc. to 2 PfG 1913/04.11 Voltage test 1h in water, 6,5 kV AC (5 minutes)
Contact resistance (measured acc. to TÜV 2 PfG 1913/04.11: directly at the output of the cables of the moulding od connection splice) ≤ 0,5 mΩ
Tensile test acc. to TÜV 2 PfG 1913/04.11

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