smartFLAP - PV substructure for First Solar Series 6 modules

What´s smartFLAP?

smartFLAP is a PV substructure for large photovoltaic modules. The system is optimized for FirstSolar Series 6 modules.



What´s special?

smartFLAP PV substructure has rails with flaps. The flaps allow exact positioning of the modules and prevent them from slipping backwards while the rails act as a guidance/track up to the final position.

Three step module mounting

Place the module onto the two rails in the lowest position. Thanks to the flaps, the module is safe and can not slip down.

Your benefit:

  • Safe, easy and fast positioning
  • No tools required

Thanks to the pushing rod you move the module into the final position without entering the substructure. The rails prevent slipping sideways while the flaps hold the module back in place vertically.

Your benefit:

  • Safe, easy and fast final positioning
  • Less risk of injury and damaging modules

Bolt the modules from below. Again, you don’t have to climb onto the substructure and therefore eliminate the risk of damaging modules. The intelligent bolting solution fixes two modules simultaneously.  

Your benefit:

  • Safe, easy and fast fixing from below
  • Reduced installation time and therefore reduced labor cost

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